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What else is on the farm?


Welcome to deep water culture growing systems! At our farm, we prioritize science-backed methods to cultivate sustainable agriculture. Our state-of-the-art 30×72 ft. fully enclosed structure boasts zoned spaces for seed starting, fish raising, and harvesting nutritious leafy greens.

We offer engaging STEM, 4H, and School tours by appointment, providing educational opportunities for students to explore the intersection of agriculture and technology.

In our ongoing efforts to enhance our farming practices, we’ve recently added a hoop-house. Our hoop house serves as a protective barrier against pests and diseases while optimizing resource utilization. We make the same commitment to remain “chemical free” and continue regenerative practices. We’re excited to share our insights on this transition, alongside discussions on the benefits, composting techniques, and regenerative practices aimed at improving soil health and sustainability over time.

Aquaponics water recycling
Food per acre over traditional AG




We have recently opened a few spots in our large hall. There is room for up to 100 guests, bathrooms and plenty of space outside the fire pit to celebrate.

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Please direct media and visit inquiries below. The farm is open to the public by appointment or designated days.

(678) 200-6318

3918 GA SR 355 Buena Vista 31803

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