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The Farm

Blackbird Farm sits on 100 quiet wooded acres. It has seen several families and businesses over the years, but was never farmed on a market scale. The forest floor and field spaces, have seen a great deal of clean up and planting of native cultivators. We are building each season with the intention to encourage the good things that help reduce pest pressure for healthy veggies. In addition to the greenhouse space, we have a few rows of muscadines, some fruit trees, about 3 acres dedicated to flower and field vegetables, and of course wild berries, nuts, and persimmons.

Naturally Grown
We are currently getting processes and documents ready to apply to be certified Naturally Grown by 2023.
It is a peer reviewed process, and one we feel more closely aligned with, rather than organic certification.
Why? Organic review relates directly to soil practices, and while we do have some field crops, our major effort is the aquaponics greenhouse. We can’t and won’t use chemicals around the fish. We can’t and won’t use chemicals on the land, our free range Valkyries (Goats) would strongly disapprove.

Sustainable Practices
One lesson in homesteading, gardening, or market farms = learn one thing well. We have mastered growing living lettuce with fish. The art of cultivation is not mass producing with the intent to let things fail or waste. We master one thing and then move to another, in very small batch intentional growing plans.
Feed People
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