Welcome to BlackBird Farm

“Lettuce” tell you how it all started!

We are so excited to welcome you to our farm.
Our primary system is Deep Water Culture Aquaponics.
We feed the fish, they feed our plants, and our plants clean the water for the fish.

The farm is currently in its first market season, and we could not be more excited. We have met so many of you face to face, and look forward to your visits.
We do farm tours, group events, and welcome visitors of all ages.
Currently the farm is open only by appointment.
We ask that you please contact us to schedule a visit or to let us know you are coming by to pick up some lettuce.

Our primary crops inside the greenhouse are leafy lettuce greens and some herbs like basil. 2023 will be our first CSA season. We are targeting pick up locations in Columbus, Buena Vista and Atlanta. If you would like to be a porch host we offer a discount if you can get 10 neighbors who will pick up their boxes on your porch.

Meet Your Farmers


Chicken whisperer and farm animal Dr. Doolittle. I love blossoms, honeybees, and making sure our guests enjoy every aspect of our farm. I still work during the day, in addition to my farm duties. I work on testing new crop varieties and looking for ways to keep our soil happy. This year I am working extensively on some native flowers and crops that grow in woods.


Our Brains and Green Thumb Grower. Jeff always says that I am the brains of the Ops, but he truly has built our systems by hand. He is passionate about science, seeing our plants thrive, and looking for new ways to introduce sustainability. He found Aquaponics a great way to combine our passion and purpose. This year Jeff is trialing uncommon lettuce varieties and our new dutch bucket system for tomatoes.


The Lettuce

We grow a variety of butter and sweet crisp as well as mini romaine. The rafts are suited for smaller leafy greens such as Bibb types. We have trialed everything from kale, chard, herbs, and even peppers.
There is a formula and balance to what we do inside the greenhouse. Every nutrient has to be specific for the plants and fish to remain happy. We don’t use pesticides or chemical bug control methods. The fish feed the lettuce with their waste.


The Fish

We have Tilapia, Channel Catfish, and Freshwater Prawns.
They live in two 500-gallon tanks and are currently growing bigger every day. Having them separated allows us to monitor their performance and health.
Tilapia are considered an invasive species here in Georgia and can not go “outside”. All of our systems are sealed, no water leaves, so no fish eggs can either.
When the fish do leave, they will be headed for your table

2022 Markets

Find us at the following Farmer’s Markets

The Chapel At Blackbird

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