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Welcome to Blackbird Farm

Growing Kindness Naturally

Aquaponic Produce and Family Farm

Our primary system is Deep Water Culture Aquaponics
We feed the fish, they feed our plants, and our plants clean the water for the fish.
The result is nutrient dense – chemical free – delicious produce for you.
Aquaponics is an innovation on the organic approach. The lettuce we produce is higher in vitamins, uses 92% less water than traditional row cropping, and allows us to produce all year long.
Blackbird Farm was founded at the height of the pandemic when my husband and I were desperate to reimagine broken food systems and supply chains. We wanted to join the community to change that and continue to look for ways to reduce the time and effort it takes to get you fresh food, while reducing costs and carbon footprints. The farm is currently open for visits and tours by appointment only, and our weekly After Market Days . Interested in News about our CSA or Flower Subscriptions? Please consider signing up for emails to learn more about the farm and what we have going on.


30×72 fully enclosed on a concrete slab

The Lettuce

We grow a variety of butter, sweet crisp, as well as mini romaine. The rafts are suited for smaller leafy greens such as Bibb types. We have trialed everything, but stick to lettuce solely in aquaponics. During summer when plants stress due to high heat we can keep them at optimum growing temps and provide lettuce at times when it is not available elsewhere.
There is a formula and balance to what we do inside the greenhouse. We don’t use pesticides or chemical bug control methods.


It’t Hydroponics (water)
With Fish (Aquaponics)

The Fish

We have Tilapia, Channel Catfish, and Freshwater Prawns.
They live in two 500-gallon tanks and are currently growing bigger every day. Having them separated allows us to monitor their performance and health.
Tilapia are considered an invasive species here in Georgia and can not go “outside”. All of our systems are sealed, no water leaves, so no fish eggs can either.

Who are We

There have been many friends, family and neighbors who have built this farm. We owe each of you our deepest love and gratitude. Here is your core BB Team!



Flower power – Snow White – Task Master. You will always find me with a journal, seed packet and metric for adding something to the farm. I love making sure our guests enjoy every aspect.



Brains – Builder – Mad Scientist. Jeff didn’t grow up as a farmer, but loves growing things and feeding people. He is always up for a new recipe, and project that Charity wants to do.


Farm Manager

Micro-Green Maestro – Market Manager – Card shark. Jeff’s youngest brother came to the farm full time 2023, and has jumped in to save our sanity with helping hands and great laughs.


quality Assurance

Diablo – Horned Mafia Don – Ruthless killer. Don’t let the sweet kisses fool you, and don’t ever turn your back. While truly dangerous – no one does quality like Gil.
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Contact Us!

Please direct media and visit inquiries below. The farm is open to the public by appointment or designated days.

(678) 200-6318

3918 GA SR 355 Buena Vista 31803

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