The Farm

Come and pick some living lettuce from our 30’x72′ fully enclosed aquaponics greenhouse. We love to give tours with advanced notice.

A little history

2020 –
At the very start of the pandemic, we saw a different direction for ourselves and decided to leave Atlanta. We sold everything, scaled our lifestyles, and found this property. It has seen many families and businesses, but had never been farmed or had its soil analyzed.
Here in Buena Vista, we are right on the GA Fall Line. In fact, our property sits on the last continental ridge (Sand Hills) from Georgia Piedmont to Georgia Coastal Plain. This makes our soil unique. We knew before we left the city our goal was to get into deep water culture. While doing all the things that are involved in selling moving and starting in a new place, we were also looking up companies to bring our vision together.

2021 –
We broke ground on our greenhouse, literally with the work from neighbors. We found an aquaponics company in Colorado (The Aquaponics Source) and connected to their vision and mission. During this time, supply chains were limited and we entered a waiting game of getting parts shipped. In July, we had seven days’ notice that all of our systems had come in. With the help of friends and family, we had a “barn raising” and finished the mechanicals, roof, and screens, on the actual greenhouse. The next week the team showed up to install our beds and tanks.
We have been growing and testing since.

At the close of this year, we have produced 1500 heads of lettuce, 40 pounds of persian cucumbers, have Tilapia, Prawns, and Catfish in the system. We started kale, chard, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, dill, and chives. The greenhouse at times feels like our very own Franken-veg Laboratory. We do not use any pesticides, use clean processes, and monitor everything going in and out to ensure our fish are happy. We are Georgia Grown Certified and working on Naturally Grown certification currently.